Are you questioning your next steps?  Has there been a change in your family dynamic?  Do your children need you? Are you interested in creating goals to help strengthen your family system?  

Individuals who engage in family coaching will be encouraged to participate in a vision clarification exercise, clearness talks, and allow at least one home visit.

Vision Clarification Exercise:  Always beginning with a family-style meal, this exercise is a multi-layered introspective process that is designed to identify participants' unique purposes and visions for their lives.  This workshop is uniquely created to uncover an individual’s internal and external assets, and organize them in a way that is aligned with their life's season and future goals.

Desired outcomes:


  • Individuals who have completed this workshop will have developed a clarified vision statement to successfully transition them into a more effective and purpose-driven life.

  • Individuals will be more likely to set goals for their future and have clear ideas about how to achieve them. They will also discover improved self-efficacy.

  • Committed couples that complete this workshop will experience an increased level of intimacy and oneness.

Individual, Couple, and Family sessions are available.  Our team recommends that married couple participate in this exercise together.

Interested in scheduling a vision clarification exercise?  Connect with our team!

Clearness Talks: We highly recommend all participants from the Vision Clarification Exercise engage in at least one Clearness Talk.  These sessions are designed to dig deeper into the emotions that are aroused during the Vision Clarification Exercise, as well as, identify a family's dominant family strengths.  On their own, these sessions provide pointed questions for evaluating a perceived family need and offer guidance in adopting healthy changes.  Clearness Talks are typically coupled with a home visit.

Not sure how to deal with a situation that has surfaced in your family?  Reach out to our team for help!

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